Dream A Little Dream

Feb 17, 2020 Diary entry: They say television hypnotizes us into a dreamlike trance state of some kind, then we begin to think and do strange things, I don’t know, I have been watching two TV’s at once for a reason that escapes me, anyway, there must be two George Washington Carver’s, the one who carved the statue of George Washington, and the one who invented crunchy peanut butter, a parade came on one of the stupid channels I rarely watch, but I felt compelled to watch, and I began to long, I longed deep down in my inward parts, I longed hard and long, the parade made me sad, Paulie has never had much in his life, nothing he could hold onto, clutch to his chest and sigh loudly about because of a wonderful memory of some kind that no one could take away from him, I always wished I could have a hometown tribute of some kind because I did a brave or awesome thing, where all the people came out to celebrate a day in my honor, where the town ladies all bake pies, little children give cheek kisses, and the old men say stuff like “You did good kid” and “The town will love you forever, we will never forget you”, the only thing I have that comes close to such a thing is an old faded black and white photo of me that the cops took back in ’56 when I ran away from home and they had to pull me out of the river, the Cincinnati cops said they needed it so that my parents back home could identify me, that old photo is the closest thing to a treasure I own, and I sit here and I long, I’ll just watch some more of the parade and dream I guess, shalom…


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