Please Don’t Wake Me

Feb 28, 2020 Diary entry: Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night from a dream and got up but the dream seems to continue on in some other direction, well, I was having this dream where I was being chased by mice, not really chased actually, it was more like they were following me, a whole bunch of them, they all wore dark glasses and they were carrying some kind of phosphorescent globes that looked like the orbs in the night sky that people have been video taping recently, I think they needed the dark glasses to shield their eyes from the weird other-worldly light emanating all around, this huge herd of mice lit up the night like it was noontime, yet I couldn’t see, to me it still was dark out, I didn’t know for sure whether it was day and I was blind, or if it truly was dark, I began to run through the blackness as the lit up herd of mice followed, the light from all these orb-carrying mice lit up the night sky like the searchlights do at that one car dealership, but I still couldn’t see where I was running, then I heard their leader say “Let’ all go to the Cheese Cake Factory”, “This loser ain’t going nowhere”, that’s when I woke up and got out of bed, it was about three AM, I went to the kitchen and sat at the table with a cup of cocoa and a tin of sardines, I always am hungry after a long night of dreaming, I looked across the rim of my cocoa mug and saw the cat sitting in the seat across from me, he was wearing a tuxedo with a black formal tam on his head, a French cigarette hung from the corner of his mouth, his one eye squinted from the smoke as he began dealing a hand of five card stud, he looked like a Malaysian casino maven from an old movie that they only show real late when you can’t hardly stay awake to see who the murderer is, he dealt me another card and I placed my bet, he told me that cocoa and sardines was the kind of combination that would give me nightmares and he told me the next ante would be my tin of sardines, all in, go for broke, if I had any spine at all, I never was much of a gambler but he was egging me on so I stayed in the game, determined to break the house, I had new found confidence and I called out to a tall, pretty, dark haired casino lady who was carrying a tray of drinks, to bring me a martini and I didn’t want the watered down free stuff either, these casinos think they can get away with murder, but when I’m dreaming hard I want hard liquor or some one is gonna pay, the cigarette lady who had been softly wafting around the crowd came to my table, she was tall, pretty, dark haired, she wore a shiny bright green evening dress that screamed loudly above her soft voice, she gently handed me a pack of Gauloises and I tipped her a brand new hundred, she smiled, thanked me for my untamed generosity, then she made this little half curtsy movement that made me spill my martini, I lit one up and told the cat to deal, this night I would be going all in, I’d either own this casino before I woke up or the loan sharks would be calling me in the morning, then there was a bright light coming from behind me, I figured the cigarette lady was again approaching for another generous tip, I ante’ed up and spun around with a sinking feeling in my insides, it was the orb-carrying mice with the dark glasses, they were eating cheesecake and sucking out of lidded Starbucks cups, the lead mouse said it was time for me to fold, my night was over, I balked and said no, I was looking at a straight flush and the cat was overconfident, and the pretty, dark haired cigarette lady in the pulsating green dress was about to get off work and needed a ride home to her beach house which she said would be terribly lonely and cold without me to put the log in her fireplace and create a blaze that would consume the both of us in it’s fiery fury, then two of the mice grabbed my arms and drug me out into the street as I screamed out curse words to the very heavens themselves, I never did like mice, they are sick twisted vermin who don’t have any respect for a man and his dreams…


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