This Snowy Time of Year

Diary entry: You all know by now that Paulie rejects all things Christmas, the holiday that the whole world celebrates, Paulie rejects all things Christmas except for those pepperminty candy canes and the darling novelty holiday choc0lates that come in every shape and size, my dear neighbor next door gave me an exquisite platter of what she called her special homemade reindeer turds, and her heartfelt Christmas present to me this year was that she cleaned up all her dog’s crap outta’ my yard, well, here’s hoping you get all that you wish for, may your days be cold, snowy, and pepperminty, and may all your night time sleigh rides be lit with a full moon, well, this is Paulie, lighting up a smoke as he pours his first martini of the evening, and calling out to people all over the snowy wonderland, easy on the eggnog, keep the sleigh on the trail, keep your hopes high, and keep your heads down, shalom…


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