Good Advice From Paulie

Diary entry: Paulie had a somewhat humorous entry to make this evening but there is something on Paulie’s mind that he wishes to relate to anyone out there who can remove the stupid lollipop from their mouth for one second and sit up straight and listen to reality when it knocks on your door, Paulie says “Get up off your worthless lazy ass and answer the door”, the Reality Man is not a steel roof salesman, the Reality Man is giving reality away for free, just open up the door to your brain long enough to let some of it in, do not make Paulie raise his voice or scream because if he does, you will not like it, no, you are not going to like Paulie’s soft words, you certainly don’t want his hard ones because Paulie has words you have never heard and he will unleash them on you… Diary entry: This is Paulie your teacher, your teacher is giving you one last chance to get aboard the reality train, you are getting a time out, your last time out, to reflect on what you have been told, take thirty minutes to decide whether you will choose your teacher’s offering or your own dysfunctional imaginations, Paulie is headed to the teacher’s lounge for a smoke and a thermos of martinis, you better be straight when your teacher returns or you will have hell’s bill to pay, this is Paulie, down here in the teacher’s lounge, saying to any who will listen, “Carry on, do well, keep your fire blazing, as we are gonna burn this world down”, shalom, shalom…


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