Over Eggstravagence

Diary entry: Okay, I saw somewhere where a rich guy ate this egg that was like a half million years old, he paid a huge sum to acquire this ancient egg so he could eat it, I can’t understand why such a rich guy would do such a thing, he could have any egg he wanted, anyway, if some rich guy can eat an old egg, eccentric Paulie can certainly eat five year old jellybeans he found in the closet… Diary entry: Eggs, please don’t misunderstand Paulie, Paulie doesn’t have any problem with eggs, they are a vital part of creation, none of us would be here without them, but the “Egg Lady” down the street scares Paulie, she has a basket of stuff like Paulie has never seen in his life, and Paulie is here to tell you, he has seen some stuff, but the “Egg Lady” really kinda freaks Paulie out… Diary entry: Paulie has returned from his stay in the mountains refreshed and clear headed, Paulie learned one thing staying in the wilderness, that is, you never travel farther than sixty yards from your campsite or else you will spend the night sleeping on a pile of leaves using a tree branch for a pillow, Paulie declares on his return from the wild mountains, “I will never loose another tent”, or a knapsack of beans and beer… Diary entry: Paulie is off to the northern part of the state, “pie country”, rural areas in the northern counties, where ladies stand by the road offering their wares, ladies that remind you of your dear Grandmomma, you know, back when the world was a sweet juicy apple, before all the worms got to it and crapped inside it, back when the days were so pure you could drink them in without straining them through a charcoal filter first… Diary entry: People ask Paulie what it is like writing the “Diary”, is it easy, difficult, where do the words come from, please allow Paulie to answer, it’s like this, digging the words from one’s soul is like ripping the flesh apart to find life blood to fill ones pen, or something like that, I don’t know, sometimes a martini helps…


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