Paulie’s New Contest

Diary entry: Hey, Paulie here, we are happy to announce the next “Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary” giveaway, our prize was donated by the Gas and Lube late one night, yes, a 64 ounce plastic coffee carafe donated by the Gas and Lube down on the South Confluence of the Exit Street Turnaround, we all are excited to offer this latest giveaway, enter to win as often as you like… Diary entry: Listen, you people need advice, some kind of direction, you are all stupid, you were taught by stupid parents, Paulie is here to straighten you out, sit up straight, quit slouching, get your elbows off the table, scoot your chair up close, you are gonna eat Paulie’s words or you’re getting a good spanking and going to bed, here’s the thing, you gotta be very careful giving a young man a gun, you know, like on his birthday because he’s been whining so much the dogs can’t sleep, sometimes when a youngster gets a gun and he’s taught to use it, he becomes drunk with power, he turns into a different person, he screams at Grandma to bring that pie to him, and he wants a goddamned full glass of milk this time or there will be hell to pay, yeah, I’ve seen it my friends, I’ve lived it…


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