Aug 5,2021 They say that there is a clone robot invasion coming, I say it already happened a hundred years ago. The whole world seems to be government programmed, vaccinated, stamped and certified machines. My last date was a GSA Model 1000X 2nd Generation Android with Flexible Antennae. She thought the election process was working well except for the problem with voter identification. She thought that Trump had gotten a raw deal. She really loves Chris Christie’s dog. She says that our county’s health inspector’s intelligence is on the genius level. It was the longest date in my life and I threw up my Cracker Barrel noodle dinner in the parking lot. Bring on the alien invasion already, I need someone to talk to. I’m dreaming of a little green alien woman who is a good conversationalist and who doesn’t suck her noodles like she’s a jet engine taking off from La Guardia. The dating scene is wack man.


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