Paulie Is In

Jan 29,2021 Diary entry: Good day, come right in, I’m happy to see that you’ve kept your appointment, lie down on the couch and get comfortable, I’ll just grab my note pad and a pencil and we will get started on trying to delve into the root causes of your mentalurgical delusions and insanitary co-optionary thought streams that have derailed your rational ability to think straight. Now I see here in my notes that you believe that politicians are real people who do real things, and you have been engaging in fights with others who share your own delusions, this is a very serious matter which must be addressed as our primary focus to improving your mentalary stability and ridding your brainwave theorationalization and hyperstimulatic system of the acute necropsy that has insinuated itself into your brain’s core thought response center. You do not have the common ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality, you listen to, and trust, people who you don’t know and have never met, you follow their words like a rat follows the Pied Piper, you follow strangers like night follows day, or day follows night, whichever one of those camps you’re in, you irrationally love or hate men and women who you know nothing about except for the fact that they wear a red ballcap or have a certain hair style. The psychiatry profession has a word for delusional patients like you, and that word is cuckoo, you are really cuckoo. Cuckoo has been an accepted medical and scientific term since 1951, when Doctor Otto Von Hunt published his well-received report entitled “The Established Relational Couplets Between the Diseased Patient and His Ambient Reality”, Doctor Von Hunt’s 2nd Compendium, Issue # 39 was published in serial form in all the widely accepted psychiatric journals from 1951 through 1959, and his work is the gold standard for cases like yours. There is a causal relationship between what we call a time drop fold within the oblong medulla’s sensory transportation wave foundation, and the core hypo-hypnotic detraction area deep within the brain proper, this area is about the size of a nickel and it looks like a shelled pecan to the uninformed layman. I expect that the cross-tertiary loco-affiliatory sensing structure has broken down because of the continual stress you place upon it day to day. The absence of a well maintained sensing structure means that you have no control over thoughts of fancy, reality, illusion, or make believe. In simple terms, your mind has become lost in a deep dark forest without the necessary mind flashlight to see your way out and back into the clearing where clear thoughts can once again elucidate you to the fact that you are indeed cuckoo beyond belief. It is my deeply considered opinion that you should turn off your television set, stop reading the newspaper, and no longer read political memes on Face Book, I suggest that you distance yourself from any and all political discussions and friends who engage in such destructive behavior. You have to take your mental health into your own hands and do the healing yourself if you are ever going to show improvement in your ability to think in a more rational and less insanitary manner. I could recommend that you be held over for observation in the more controlled environment of an insanitary institution, but I will hold off on such action for the foreseeable future, please pay my receptionist on your way out, this is Paulie, have yourself a mentally healthy day, peace…


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