Puppets Can’t Own Land And Money

Jan 19, 2021 Diary entry: A couple quick editorial comments about the ongoing puppet show that has been playing out on the world’s puppet stage, but first I must address the charges of lashon hara that are occasionally leveled against me, look, I’m a jokeman, a good jokeman, a darned good jokeman, I do futuristic twenty first century jokes, I cannot, and will not, return to old nineteenth century knock knock joke stuff, that sort of drivel is dead and gone, I will not try to resurrect what should have been buried before it had ever lived, with that being said, this thing about Elon Musk being the richest man in the world, do you people believe everything you hear, my sources tell me that Elon is a stock actor with a stock actor’s contract, and he makes stock actor wages, he is not rich, he owns nothing outright except a small bungalow outside Burbank California, and he drives a 1992 Volkswagon back and forth to the studio, now I know that Elon Musk is real because he looks so fake, but the story of his riches are not real, they are fake fake fake, now about the next ridiculous story about Bill Gates owning a quarter of a million square miles of land, Bill can’t even acquire a real female wife, let alone land, if he wanted to even own land he would have to go through the Vatican and the pope because they own all the land in the world, that is why we pay tribute to them, so they don’t put us off their land which we think is our land, my sources tell me that Bill Gates is a stock actor who always played bit parts in old cop shows, he was always the sniveling coward rat who squealed to the FBI and planted electronic bugs on people, Bill is the same way today, the next actor who I would like to mention is Nikita Kruschev, he is now in drag playing the new Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, I expect to see Janet banging her shoe on the Treasurer’s desk in the near future and threatening to digital currency everyone’s broke ass after the dollar crashes, the puppets on the stage play their parts magnificently, but to you child-like minded puppets in the audience, stop taking the show seriously, you can enjoy entertainers like Sheri Lewis and Lambchop, but don’t be thinking that Lambchop is the largest landowner in the US, or that he, or she, is a space mogul and the richest Lambchop in the world, I advise all you people who do no research, and only sit around picking nose fruit and eating it, while you dig around in the crack of your sofa for loose change, come out of your silly delusions and live like a real man or woman, put an end to the puppet mentality, it is not pretty, anyway, to the peanut gallery, I wish you peace…


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