Maybe We Should Toss Out The Humor Along With The Humor Writers

Jan 19, 2021 Diary entry: This has been a busy and hectic day around the offices of PaulieGee’sDiaryBlog, I had to let all the elderly writing staff go, I told them to take their outdated humor and go write humor for Reader’s Digest, I’m sick of all their new takes on the same old jokes, old emperor jokes, knight in shining armor jokes, like how the emperor made a monkey out of himself when he took the Appian Way, and how the incontinent elderly knight in shining armor’s shining armor wasn’t shiny all over because it had one rust spot, or how the elderly knight in shining armor went to get a prostate exam and the doctor had to use a corkscrew, or how the elderly knight in shining armor had to wear long steel wool underwear in the wintertime, I just couldn’t take any more, so I called our elderly writers into my office this morning, gave them all a brandy and a cigar, and told them to get the hell out, now we do still have one elderly writer who is invaluable to our little endeavor here, he is in charge of all our weekend parties, in his younger days he ran all of Jackie Gleason’s Hollywood parties, he really knows his way around a canape layout and a sangria fountain although he doesn’t know anything about fine whiskey, the last bourbon he ordered tasted like it was aged inside of steel drums for twelve hours in a barn fire, I guess we should probably judge people on their strengths and not on their weaknesses, I don’t think any of us these days are well rounded, we all have our dents and flat spots, and maybe we don’t even need humor to laugh either, we can just be happy and laugh for no reason, peace and love…


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