My Participation In The Wicked World Was Minimal

Jan 13, 2020 Diary entry: Let me make this clear, my participation was minimal, I was a dupe, a patsy, I was only a conduit, others hatched and executed the plan, I knew nothing, I had no foreknowledge of the events that transpired, I was only peripherally involved at the lowest level, my insignificant participation was coerced, I was only a tool that was used by others to build a house of deception, I never dwelt inside that house, I am completely innocent of the egregious charges that have been leveled against me, I shall be vindicated, I shall prevail, I will not allow such a miscarriage of justice to sully my heretofore fine and upstanding record, the record speaks for itself, I will stand or fall on the record, make no mistake, I will fight for what is right until all charges are dropped, I was simply a sheep who chose to follow the wrong shepherd, I only followed in the deception, I did not create the deception nor implement the deception, nor manage the deception, as was stated previously, I was only a dupe, a patsy, that is my plea and I am sticking to it until the stars fall from the heavens, until the birds cease to sing, and until the wind ceases to blow, thank you for listening…


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