I Was Mr. Cushman Himself

Jan 7, 2020 Diary entry: When I was a security guard I took my job seriously, I was usually assigned to guard Cushman’s Dime Store and Ladies Apparel, I was in charge at Cushman’s, it was I that ruled, when on duty at Cushman’s I was Mr. Cushman himself, it was my store and I called the shots and did my investigations thoroughly, I was a bit harsh at times, but fair, when I spotted a suspicious looking elderly lady in the medicine aisle and I questioned her, I would interrogate her by the book, “What are you doing here”, “How long have you been here”, “Do you have a job”, “Why aren’t you at your job”, “Are you sick”, “Have you been fired”, “Have you been drinking today”, “Have you had a drink”, “Were you down at the bar”, “How much time did you spend in the bar today”, “What’s your name”, “Do you have some sort of identification on you”, “Are you nervous”, “Why are you nervous”, “Should I let you go free”, “Why do you think I should let you go free”, “If you haven’t done anything to be nervous about, why are you nervous”, “Does my presence make you nervous”, “Are you hiding something”, well, that was my usual interrogation method for greeting customers down at Cushman’s Dime Store and Ladies Apparel, I kept law and order at Cushman’s with an iron determination, when at Cushman’s, I was Mr. Cushman himself…


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