Paulie Land, Just Across The Border

Dec 22, 2020 Diary entry: Is your life lacking zest and humor, do you almost never laugh, are all the local gringos driving you crazy, is the world getting you down, then leave those loco gringos behind in the dust and ride south, ride south to Paulie Land where humor is a way of life, it’s all we do, Paulie Land is just across the border, you can’t miss us, the majestic Paulie Inn towers above the magnificent and sprawling Paulie Gardens, there is also a little goldfish pond, please come and stay with us, our rooms are clean and comfortable, and there is an anecdote on every pillow, you will sip exotic drinks as you relax and bask in the back yard while our polite and courteous writing staff pampers you with humor, your bill is due and payable at check-in, no checks please, we prefer cash, your carefully regimented day will start at five AM with calisthenics, then breakfast at six, if you’re late, all you get is toast, lunch is precisely at the noon whistle right after late morning calisthenics, supper is optional, lights out at nine o’clock, no exceptions, we’re funny, but we’re not that funny, all of the files and records that are being stored at Paulie’s cousin’s apartment and the dusty offices back at are in the process of being transferred to Paulie Land, please come join us at your earliest convenience, we are an old established and respected firm, well, not yet, but we hope to be soon, please be forewarned, we do not allow outside humor to be brought in off the street, if you have any type of street humor with you, we ask that you leave it in your car out in the parking lot, there are no exceptions to this rule, we have a strict zero tolerance policy regarding humor being brought in off the street, please respect our rules and we will get along fine, we, the management, hope to see you soon…


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