Martinis, Free Squid, And Love

Dec 9, 2020 Diary entry: Tonight is a big night, I’m going down to our local Saki Hut because it is Happy Hour Free Squid Night, you get a free plate of squid with each three martinis purchased, the lady bartender there is what the ancient sailors referred to as the Pearl of the Orient, I will be sailing tonight just as the brave sailors sailed in years gone past, and as I do, I will be gazing into calm shimmering lagoon-like oriental eyes which will turn into a churning angry sea of contempt when Pearl calls out to the bouncer to remove a loud and obnoxious man who is demanding an unearned plate of squid because he miscounted his martinis, I’ve never been good at math even when not drinking martinis, well, such is the world in which we live, my advice to you all is to try and make do, you don’t have to demand everything that you think you are entitled to, just focus on keeping your little leaky junk boat afloat, the sea will eventually level itself back into place, I guarantee it, anyway, from this great sinking island in the sea, America, I send love and hopes for peace out across the water, shalawam…


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