Slide Show Monday

Nov 24, 2020 Diary entry: Good day class, today we will be viewing recent news reels, I have a slide show set up for you, now turn your attention to the large screen I have set up in the front of the room, this first slide is of a president, his most trusted advisors, and his willing question askers who are referred to as “the press corps”, now, these people are actors on the screen in which your attention should be focused at this very moment, these are not real people, they were chosen for their roles because they are weak men and women who desire the attention that the big screen provides for them, they desire the limelight in which they can act their parts and be well acclaimed by their audience, and receive the love and admiration they desire more than anything in the world, for those of you who view these slides with a critical eye and a healthy questioning mind, there will be hot buttered popcorn and soft drinks served out in the lobby, for those of you who want to believe that the act in front of you is real, you will get no candy from the candy counter, you can go eat an apple, and you can go eat it somewhere far from here, I can only teach you, I cannot make you learn, now class is dismissed for the day, I hope you can consider the teaching that you have received this day, the world had been given over to the witches and sorcerers and magicians many many long centuries ago, and they have the whole world under their mind control tricks, the world is a lie, believe it or not, those of you who believe that this world you live in is real, you need not show up for class tomorrow, or any other day, I bid you peace in whatever path that your heart leads you on, again, peace…


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