Dumbed Down Digital Dipshits

Nov 17, 2020 Diary entry: I wouldn’t give you one damn dented digital dollar for this devolved demonic dumbass society we live in, I’m out baby, I’m taking my chips and walking away from the table, your watered down whiskey promises sicken me, you have been serving pus-filled pig anus boloney sandwich platters to the deceived masses, and I will no longer eat from your table, I will have an apple instead, your beer tastes like it was brewed and aged inside a covid-diseased skunk’s large intestine, and dispensed through a dirty brown charge hole, I will no longer take part in your unclean offerings, well, I think I have made my point, the dogs are barking to be let in, and the cat is meowing to go out, I send all my love to everybody, wherever it is you find yourself within this lost world, shalawam…


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