Make Your Own Paradise Now

Nov 15, 2020 Diary entry: I am sitting here in my humidity and temperature controlled solarium, drinking frozen concoctions as fast as I can before they melt, the humidity stays between 90 and 95%, while the temperature is a constant 78 degrees, this tropical-like climate is essential for my plant life, but my special frozen Skunk In The Hole cocktails are prone to meltage, I take the good with the bad though, as all things in this world are balanced, and I try to stay on top of the fulcrum, if you want to know the truth of it, I’m sitting here at my cardboard box desk in the cold dank garage, the only plant life I have is my dead dried up snake plant, and I’m not drinking frozen Skunk In The Hole cocktails, I’m drinking cheap vodka from an empty noodle soup can, I would like to tell you about my dead snake, but I’m not opening up that can of worms again, or can of snakes, let us all just agree to call a dead snake plant a dead snake plant, and move on, well, a pretty barefoot lady wearing a colorful flower print sarong is here, and she’s carrying a bamboo platter of delicacies that the sea gave up only this morning, not really, it’s my landlady, she wears those black witch shoes, a gray sweater that looks like a dead sheep that the wolf ate and crapped out after a night of over indulgence, and she’s carrying the usual cold look in her eyes that says she is after the back rent, well I gotta go, I hope that someday we can all meet in that faraway paradise that they talk about, shalawam…


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