Let’s Make NASA Great Again

Oct 8, 2020 Diary entry: Get this, a grown man wearing a NASA tee shirt and a ball cap that said “Make America Great Again” chastised me for making a flat earth comment while in line at the gas station, I made a second comment that was something like “May the ghost of Alan Shepard fly a multi pronged space probe up your vacuous ego-driven heliocentric dark hole as you you stoop to pick up a lost penny”, these people have got to learn to never defend their globe earth nonsense around me, I don’t think the earth is a globe, and I don’t think globe earthers are human, I get so tired of responding to every son of a dog who rejects reason and logic like a rabies-ridden mutt rejects a bowl of water, well, you still got to love the animals even though they are pests at times, this is Paulie, saying don’t feed the animals chocolate candy or truth, they will only barf on you, shalawam…


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