Life Is A Dream, Wake Up

Sept 16, 2020 Diary entry: C’mon, let’s be real here for a second, haven’t we been taught everything we need to know in our dreams, our dreams come every night, just as the sun rises and sets every day, over and over, those same dreams come over and over, they may be a bit different here and there, but they all have the same general theme, you are either running from a mad bull, running across rooftops because some mad guy is chasing you, and he has even madder friends, or the elevator cable snapped, and you are free falling through a cold elevator shaft at one hundred miles per hour, you instantly calculated 32 ft. per second per second per 1,000 ft., which is a very close estimate figuring the footage from the 85th floor, because you wanted your obituary to have the facts right, or you got your pant leg caught in the subway track again just as the uptown express is coming at you trying to make up time, the thing is, don’t we always wake up just before we splat on the sidewalk from an eighty story balcony fall, don’t we always wake up just before the shark chomps down on our little rubber snorkel, we should learn the lesson of our dreams, we should learn that we must wake up before it all goes to hell, every night we are taught to wake up, so why is everybody sleeping as the biggest rail crash in the history of the world is going to be centered right over your little tomato patch, in your little backyard, next to your little house, where you are still in bed dreaming that hell has descended on you, and you refuse to wake up and save yourself, are you going to just die in your dreams, I can’t guarantee that the world you wake up to is any better than whatever horrifying disaster dream you find yourself in at the moment, but wouldn’t you rather die wide awake and see it coming rather than give up and surrender to the corrupt Mexican police who have hunted you down for killing one of their brothers, and they will perform “gringo justice” on you in the middle of the desert without witnesses, c’mon, let’s all wake up, I will tell you about my awakening, I fell asleep a thousand years ago, and I awoke to a bigger shit world than I could have ever imagined back in 1020, my life was so simple and lovely then, I had it all, money, cars, girlfriends, a good job, I was on top of the world, then it all came crashing down like the tree fort you built out in the maple tree behind the house in 958, well, the point is, the worst dream in all the history of dreams is barreling down on us, let’s wake up before we get splatted by who knows what, well, this is an awakened but not happy Paulie, saying shalawam…


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