I Think Doomsday Is Fake

Sept 14, 2020 Diary entry: The office was filled with a heavy haze, my La Aurora #1 Preferido with a Camaroon wrapper had gone out hours ago, and it lay in an oddly shaped tray, or bowl, or the very quicksand bog abyss that awaits your presence because you blew off a very important business associate who is more like an investigator looking into some financial irregularities in your company which were really more like habits than irregularities, again, because you were too stoned to drive, and you know your keys are around here somewhere, but you are too comfortable to even get a cold iced tea, let alone look for car keys that you have no use for, anyway, I can just barely make out through a deep haze, the clock on the wall, it’s hands are pointing to two seconds until doomsday, what’s new, my whole life has been doomsday, doomsday began in 1951, and it’s gonna be over before you can even ask your teenage son what a real mother ship looks like, and why is it blocking out the sun, and “Are those large grays”, or “Why are all those furry little things from Star Trek all over our garden”, you people got no idea about doomsday, if us earthlings have enough time left, I will return at a later date to elaborate on safeguards you can utilize, until I return, keep your ear to the ground, keep your nose to the wind, prepare to shelter in place, always be ready to move to your bug out location, keep your head on a swivel, and please come visit, we always enjoy company, love to all, shalawam…


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