Make Your Love Whatever It Is

Sept 13, 2020 Diary entry: My ex wife, she was very spiritual and super sensitive to people’s vibes, their auras, she picked up on the slightest things, one time I brought home a rope, a tarp, 40 gallons of acid, and a can of stain remover, she left to spend a month with her cousin in Burton’s Junction, and she didn’t even have a cousin, she asked me to bring home coffee creamer and I left it on the top shelf out in the garage and I left the rat poison on the kitchen table, she never appreciated anything I ever did for her, I bought her a “nicer newer” used car that was in pristine condition except it didn’t have brake cables or seat belts, I did all I could to save my marriage, but in the end I still had to pay for what I had already paid for once, this is Paulie, saying “Make your love whatever you think it is”, shalawam…


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