An Old Dead Fly

Aug 29, 2020 Diary entry: There’s a dead fly on the corner of my table, it’s been there for two years, oh god have I slowed down, how far I have fallen from my former days of glorious youth, my storybook life was a dream for me, a nightmare for others, I rode plot twist after plot twist like a madman, the mad scientist wasn’t mad before he met me, he was a docile kindly gentleman who gave free sodas to his customers because he only wanted them to be happy, then one day I strode into his neighborhood soda shop, and well, the rest is history, that kindly soda pop man started mixing chemicals and otherworldly ingredients into hideous concoctions that would end up terrorizing the entire free world, all because of me, I brought things out in people, I brought out the good and the bad, my antics were responsible for creating magnificent heroes and dastardly villains, now though, there is a dead fly on my table, he is neither mad nor glad, happy nor sad, he’s just there, as if he is waiting, waiting on what, I don’t know, perhaps he is waiting for me to join him for one more last antic of some kind, well, this is slowed-down Paulie, sending a hurried up love out to the world before it all falls apart, shalawam…


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