Mr. Kim Jong Un’s Rising Star

Aug 16, 2020 Diary entry: Many people do not appreciate the finer qualities of the popular North Korean leader, young Mr. Kim Jong Un, this fine young man is more than the simple communist leader of a reclusive land which China gave away because they didn’t want it anymore, Kim enjoys sipping white wine as he nibbles delicate little canapes made by his sister, Kim and his sister bask in the serenity and peace of the backyard garden next to the mine field, and they while away the hours poring over old war maps as they opine their fate, if only they had been there to run the war; things could have been different if Grandfather Kim hadn’t messed up big time, anyway, as you undoubtedly know, Kim is a model, he has broken in to a lucrative modeling career as of late, his shirtless poses astride his magnificent white stallion were the rave of Paris two years ago, a tasteful nude pose of Kim with his arms and legs wrapped wistfully around a KN-25 rocket is being passed around the US pentagon, Kim’s pinup is inside every desk and locker within the whole East Asia Sector Strategic Planning And Defense Co-Department Of Wartime Services Brigade (Land and Sea Based), Kim has tried to follow in his father Kim Jong Il’s footsteps, but the elder Kim was a hard drinking tyrant who ruled his hooch like Mao ruled culture, father Kim tried to raise young Kim to drink glassfuls of Hennessy instead of wine spritzers and apertifs that the elder Kim despised, be that as it may be, young Kim has blossomed into a modern renaissance man who has captured the imagination of a world gone mad, the Kim invasion of the art and photography world is a coup never seen since the Beatle’s invasion back in the sixties, will we be seeing more of Kim soon, how about a little more Kim and a little less missile next time for the boys at the Pentagon, well, this is Paulie, locking his door and turning off the lights, as he lives in one of the freedom-loving countries that isn’t really free at all, I hope to live long enough to see you back here for another diary entry, anyway, I launch a big rocket full of love out to the whole world, wherever you are, shalawam…


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