I Need An Off-The-Books Drink

Aug 12, 2020 Diary entry: Closing down this little endeavor of ours has complications, Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary is under investigation after the last audit revealed discrepancies in our books, auditors have reported shortfalls in our in side, and there were too many expenditures for liquor and knick knacks on our out side, Paulie declares to the world, “I am not an embezzler”, “I am simply a bamboozzler”, there is a difference, I could not help myself, the world and it’s offerings are so big, I was mesmerized by the glamour of being a celebrated diary writer, and I extended myself too far so I could impress my many readers, I became a monster who needed more and more acclaim and recognition, and I believed that if I only borrowed a few thousand from the company, I could have nice things, and project the image that the people want, I am not a crook, I am simply a weak man who tried to please his fans, you can hate me, but please don’t hate my writers, they gained as much as me, but they are totally innocent of the accomplice charges against them, it was I, and I alone, who is responsible for this latest fiasco that threatens to burn down a struggling diary company in an inferno unlike hell has ever imagined, well, some people just arrived in my office carrying what looks like off-the-books boxes of liquor and smokes, and a bag of sandwiches, this is Under Investigation Paulie, wishing all of you more love than you can ever hide from the authorities, love and peace, shalawam…


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