My Last Answer To The Same Question

July 21, 2020 Diary entry: It is very infuriating when we keep getting the same question time and again, “Paulie what are your qualifications and education, if any?” Number one, I won first place in a good citizen contest once, number two, I don’t want to brag, but I am being forced into it, I was 8th in my high school graduating class of 292 students, quite impressive, there were 7 real losers below me, I received most of my etiquette training on Park Avenue, Park Avenue was the little gravel road that meandered through the brush land just outside the city where we drank beer and kept out of the way of our parents, as for my formal university training, I graduated from Free University, my Free University certificate hangs proudly on my office wall, so there you go, if you have any more questions, allow me to direct you to my diploma that says “F U”…


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