Busting False Information Into Truth Particles

July 6, 2020 Diary entry: Now I’m not one to spread false information, but I heard that the one guy running for U.S. president is what they call a pediac, yeah, I think a pediac is a bicycle rider who is a bleeder, you know, he crashes his bicycle and he bleeds, that’s the story I got, and my sources are sure, I have many investigators and advisors on my team of truth, we are forever marching forward to bring you the latest truth, I am being advised by some guy who spent time in the military before he developed what is called a “bum leg”, at first I thought the liquor store owner called him a dirty bum but he was wrong, he says he was a decorated cook during the Panama Invasion, and he earned his award because he once fished a guy out of the canal with one of those giant steel spoons they stir the oatmeal with, also, I have an inside contact with a guy who delivers the lunches at the CDC, he is my source for all the new numbers and the new health suggestions that seem a bit iffy to me, but then I’m no expert on partial suffocation as a treatment for lung conditions, my financial advisor keeps me updated on Wall Street shenanigans, but he is a bit of a pain, all he does is lay around my apartment complaining about always being broke; my web of information gatherers stretches across a three county area, if something happens, I get it first, Paulie understands that the road to truth twists and turns, and most often leads to nowhere, but with grit and determination, Paulie and his team will lead you somewhere, that is our job, and we take our job seriously, let us take you down our path, we want you along, so snug up the laces on your hiking boots, pack an extra sandwich, and come along, we have truth mountains to climb and it is getting late, shalawam…


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