The Dust Flies In It’s Season

July 5, 2020 Diary entry: Paulie is nothing, he was, and is, nothing but a speck of dust that was raised up out of the earth to ride the wind, and ride he did, he floated on the calm air like the lofty buzzard sleeps and dreams on the warm air currents, he swooped and dove through the strong wind like the angry hawk when he has been roused with the desire to kill, but now Paulie is no more than a butterfly fart within the howling hurricane, the heavy rainstorm brings every high speck of dust back down to the earth to become the dirt from which it arose, Paulie’s life has been nothing but a facade built up around nothing, Paulie’s words are not his own, they have belonged to someone else, Paulie is a plagiarist and a liar, he even lied to himself, Paulie thought he owned what he had, but he acquired nothing fairly and decently, he did not acquire gain by hard work and determination, his life was served to him on a platter, and Paulie spent most of his life gorging on it or barfing it up, Paulie did his best to blow a hole through the glass firmament of his mind, but Paulie’s mind didn’t crack, he turned to a more down-to-earth endeavor, recreation, his summer love was injecting fun into his life, riding the mainline to one exotic destination after another, seeing the world in a way most people never would, because they are all as boring as an old black and white medical film about mental health in a salient world of mind control, they all called Paulie a life junkie, but he was only a simple user, not an abuser, most people’s idea of getting high is eating out of two corn chip bags at the same time while watching a rigged game on television, Paulie was called a pathetic loser by pathetic losers, well, let the haters hate, and let the lovers love, the earth will go on without end, Paulie may not hear the call go out, he may not see the sanctuary built, but he is alive to wish good things to those whom he considers family, may you never be rich nor poor, may you not experience good nor evil, Paulie sincerely hopes you find that sweet spot in between where true peace resides, I think most of you are already there, shalawam…


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