The Devil Worshiping Public

July 5, 2020 Diary entry: Devil worship, Paulie would like to discuss and reveal devil worship, have you ever heard someone say “The devil did it”, “The devil is in the details”, “If you run with the devil, you will get the horns”, “Drinkin’ with the devil is bad juju”, “You got the devil in you boy”? Do you people who are caught up in religions give life to the devil by constantly invoking his name? You give credit to the devil, you blame the devil, you use the devil to threaten people you don’t understand, you speak of the devil a lot. You think the devil has power, and you continually enhance that power by your words, you, my friends, are devil worshipers, you worship your knowledge, knowledge worship is the very core of satanism, your knowledge of the devil causes you, in your pride, to pass that sacred knowledge on to others, you people who are caught in the trap of religion, you unintentionally entrap those around you in devil worship, you religious people of the world are the bulk of the satanists who keep the devil alive and well, you water him like a tender shoot, you nourish him and give him acclaim, by speaking of the devil, you elevate him in the world, my advice to you is to remove yourself and your loved ones from the religion you are in which is adversarial to the word of the one who created you, you are provoking your Creator to serious anger, seek Ahayah and his law and live, or stay in the false reality you worship, and die, you have been warned this day by Paulie, shalawam…


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