Please Return To Earth

June 22, 2020 Diary entry: This is Paulie with a word to everybody who lives on a planet, you know, a ball earth planet that is spinning on a wobbly axis while it orbits the sun and screws through space inside a pagan solar system of mind control, Paulie pleads with you, please come back, please come back to our flat stationary earth which sits upon the ancient pillars of time and truth, it’s not that we miss you really, you’re all idiots, but we feel you deserve a second chance at reality, so screw your glass globe helmets down snug, climb your spaced-out butts into your little space vehicles, turn your retro rockets onto their highest settings, and come back, but know this, if you bring back any of your foreign gods from up there, we will most certainly burn you up like you were a space shuttle with a belly devoid of it’s protective ceramic tiles, you have been warned, come back to the fold, but come back right, we don’t play, shalawam…


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