Hail With All This Corn

June 16, 2020 Diary entry: As you are all aware, Paulie hails from the “Great” state of Indiana, the Corn Capital of the World, we here are all very upset with the state of Indiana and the state of the world today and we have been protesting quite a bit, well, they are hearing us and they are sending down an official from the county to listen to our grievances and take notes to give to the president of the county, whoever that is, anyway, we will voice our concerns and wishes to this man, we here in Indiana don’t need Channel Fifteen to tell us our news, we get the corn straight from our low-level county official, well, hail Corn County, hail Indiana, hail the United States, hail the World, oh hail with the whole stupid thing, shalawam my brothers and sisters, shalawam…


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