Paulie’s Harshed Out Day

June 12, 2020 Diary entry: It never fails, when your one day off comes around, you have a dozen stupid menial tasks that will take all day and you’ll be driving a rat maze through a petrochemical flourided city where poison-belching internal combustion-engined cars just like yours slowly make their way down that last road that leads to the city scrapheap, where a laughing guy in a red jumpsuit who has red horns swears at you as you drive through the gate to face who knows what, instead of laying in a hammock on the river bank with a fishing line tied to your big toe, an ice cold orange juice in your hand, and some kind of little bird you have never seen before singing a pretty tune, oh why oh why did I ever come to this city, oh why did I ever grow up here, oh why was I ever born here, these are questions that may never be answered, but Paulie still asks, those airplanes in the air are dropping hassles, stupid chores and harshness on Paulie’s usual cool and serene self besides what ever else they are dropping on us, nobody knows because they drop different things on different days, I guess they drop according to how pissed off they are with the human race and whether the butler failed to go shopping and there won’t be any blood or dog carcasses for dinner, anyway, Paulie cries foul, Paulie says stop the game, we need a reset, Paulie is tired of this guy in red long underwear who has red horns swearing at him, and not letting him go down to the riverbank where he belongs, well, what are you gonna do, shalawam…


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