Bless My Little Mice’es Hearts

May 29, 2020 Diary entry: Please forgive Paulie’s somewhat dejected demeanor this morning, my ego and self-worth took a hard hit today, the nicest little mouse hopped up on my table and asked me in the sweetest mouse voice I ever heard, if he could have a small corner from my morning toast and jam, he wanted to take it back to his brother who was starving and didn’t have the strength to accompany him to make a communal request for a simple bite of dry bread, well, I feel horribly responsible for the lack of necessities around here, I never had any beggars at the house, let alone beggar mice who are wearing old worn out and ragged clothes, and they are wearing on their hands those old wool gloves with no finger tips on them, I can hardly sleep at night for the continual muffled mouse coughs and little sneezes and the occasional soft mouse voice that says “Thank you god, for our little home, even though we have no food”, “And bless the man who lives here”; it’s bad enough when you can’t provide for yourself, but when the mice suffer, it’s a plain old fashioned crushing blow, well, I’m gonna go try to make a tiny sweater pattern so I can sew up some sweaters out of an old sock for my wonderful little house guests; this is Paulie, saying shalom, oh, hang on, my little mice want to say shalom to all the mice in the world, wherever it is you have been scattered to, shalom…


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