Revolution Is In The Air

May 27, 2020 Diary entry: Well it was bound to happen, revolution is in the air, the mice were all drunk from their dance party and they built a campfire out back, they were burning all my mousetraps and roasting those tiny little sausages on spits made from the mainsprings, they were chanting incantations to the stars as they danced around the fire like the Indians used to do before they attacked the wagon train, I heard a combination of otherworldly conjurations, spells, swear words, and my name being mentioned repeatedly in between; when I say my house has been taken over by mice, I mean my house has been taken over by mice, ever since one of them figured out how to order online from the Cheesecake Factory and get cheese pizzas delivered directly to the house, my economic life has suffered the same as my personal life, I have been a man without a country and I may soon be a man without a house too, well. I would like to continue on describing my life situation but I have to go make tiny s’mores and call the neighbor lady about her cat, this is Paulie, out at the big mouse party on the edge of town that you are probably hearing in the city, shouting above the noise, shalom…


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