The Rise And Fall Of Aunt Jemima

May 27, 2020 Diary entry: Now I have spoken previously about knowing and talking to famous and semi famous people, but I have not revealed the grittier side of some of your more favorite individuals, take Aunt Jemima for example, did you know she was a West Hollywood hooker before she was discovered by a well-known pancake mix scout who worked for one of the bigger pancake mix firms, they wanted a model who would embody the vision they had for their product, a woman who had a face that said “Stack me up”, “Butter me”, and “Pour thick rich syrup on me”, a woman who would look good wearing a bandanna scarf on her head, a woman who looked like she could handle a spatula like a back alley hood handles a stiletto, a woman who could flip pancakes and flip an entire nation’s preference for what would become the number one pancake in America; Aunt Jemima began flying high as the nation’s premiere pancake mix model and no other pancake company would dare compete, the quintessential pancake model became queen of the industry and no talking horse or cute dog or harried housewife-type actor would dethrone her, she was ensconced, she was at the top of the mountain, she was the perfect top pancake of the entire stack, every little girl in America dreamed of becoming the next Aunt Jemima, every little boy dreamed of growing up and marrying a girl just like Aunt Jemima, times were good, the future was rosy, and the past was forgotten, well, I think it was back in the late fifties when a small bug was discovered in a pancake field down in Mississippi, it was the Pancake Weevil, the newly discovered Pancake Weevil devastated the entire pancake crop that year, and it came back worse than ever the next year, and the next, needless to say, the pancake industry took a hard hit, and so did Aunt Jemima, she lost her lucrative position and she began to drink and drift from town to town, no one wanted to hire an out-of-work ex pancake queen, she had difficulty supporting herself and her drinking habit at the same time, she took on odd jobs no one else wanted to do, she ended up gutting fish down in Mobile Alabama for a small cannery that didn’t need a face on their product, they just needed the fish gutted, well, there are a lot of military bases around Mobile, and after many years of gutting fish, Aunt Jemima returned to her old profession, the profession she indulged herself in before her amazing rise to stardom, she found herself back on the bottom with military men who were on weekend passes, well, they say that life is a journey and we always end up at our beginning, how true that was for Aunt Jemima, the bird will fly, but he must alight; the rocket will blast off, but it must land; stock will rise, but it must fall; I think maybe we should all look at our place in life and know that our position here is only temporary, and live accordingly, this is Paulie, shalom…


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