A Birthing Oyster, A Slug’s Slimy Trail, And No-Return Insanity

May 26, 2020 Diary entry: The two swinging kitchen doors opened up like a great ocean oyster opens up it’s loins to proudly give birth to a pearl never before seen by men, out of the thick cloud of seafood steam emerged a woman unlike any other, this subdued Panda Express kitchen has produced the one and only wonder of the modern world, she was tall, dark-haired, beautiful beyond description, her dress waved, waved like the typhoon-ravaged sea waves goodbye to all that we call serene or sane, I ordered another Saki and I wondered, I wondered deep, I wondered how I could gaze on such a woman and still live, her eyes carried the entire universe within them and I wanted to become Captain Kirk, I wanted to fly my star ship through her starry expanse like I was chasing the parallel world of my soul, my other soul that never aches because I catch all that I lay my eyes upon, and my star ship never fails, I screamed through to Scottie to pile on the coal, we were gonna break through to the other side or die trying, double up on the warp speed, to hell with this world, I don’t want to live in it anymore, I want to live in a world where sanity be damned, sometimes a man just has to empty his pockets and put all his money on the table for that one big score that will set him up for life, bet it all, take it all, or take nothing, I would either ride this speeding comet or it would burn me up, I would either reach the great mountain peak or I’d end up like all the other climbers whose sun-bleached bones litter the frozen slopes below, can Paulie be the furnace that burns hot like the core of the earth, or will he forever be a babe and a fool, a silly dreamer who may never awaken to the fact that the world is just too big, and time travels much too far for him to ever leave any lasting footprint on what is forever shifting and moving, anyway, I feel like I went to sleep in 2020 and woke up in 1984; now I’ve been kicked out of bars before for a myriad of reasons, but last night was the first time I was ejected for sitting too close to an elderly couple who looked like they were in town for the World’s Fair Of The Most Wrinkles, Human Face Division, they said I broke some kind of ordinance, that’s the story of my life, I can’t walk down the street without someone saying “You can’t do that”, “You can’t do this”, and “You better not ever do that around here”, god, is everyone a cop of some kind, I think people have been watching too many cop shows on television, their lives are so empty and devoid of life that they have to involve themselves in someone else’s life to justify a twisted and meager existence, like a slug has to justify his slime trail, anyway, as the sun nears it’s western gate, and Paulie nears the point of no-return insanity, he wishes his best love to those he loves, wherever you find yourself on this stationary earth plane, Paulie says shalom…


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