Paulie’s Real Little Family

May 23, 2020 Diary entry: I get up early every morning and slave so that every mouse can be fed, a crumb or two must be provided for every hungry mouse, my primary job is to feed my family, and although my family isn’t the traditional American one, we are relatively happy and secure, we don’t go out to the clubs, we don’t spend a lot of money, we don’t drive around in big cars, but we do live life as best we can, we live it together in our little house out on the outskirts of the city, life has given us what it has given us and we are thankful for what we have, we don’t have much but we have each other and that is a lot, well, it’s sing-along time, time to crank out some awesome Japanese Future Funk on the stereo and sing along with the best parts, anyway, this is Paulie and his little mouse family, wishing all your cheese is sweet, and your dreams are all cat free, shalom…


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