A Little LSD Flashback

May 23, 2020 Diary entry: Some guy who had a horse said he was gonna teach him up and then ride him like the wind, I told him that my horse was the wind itself, see him fly, see my horse, he is a sea horse, he is a sea horse riding the swift ocean waves like Poseidon rides a weary mermaid after he comes home from a long night of drinking up half the oceanwater; this has been a 1960’s LSD flashback, flashing back to that time when you were sitting in your aunt’s parlor and the air around you was swirling like a drunken kaleidoscope that was on LSD too, and you were talking to the ghosts of Dean, Kerouac, Aunt Jemima, and Lenin, not John Lenin, Vladimir Illyich Ulyanov, that Lenin, and your aunt came into the room and told you that you were cuckoo and she was gonna call your uncle to talk to you because he had once spent time on the psych ward and you are just cuckoo beyond belief, and then your aunt began to read stories to you about how Jesus once rescued a young freaked-out hippie girl from the great pink dragon who was keeping her captive inside his velvet castle, and how he could save you too, then she melted into a puddle of that delicious tapioca-looking stuff with the little pineapple chunks in it, do you remember that, I do, it was one of the most terrifying weekends I ever spent, and my aunt and uncle never let me visit again because they said something was living inside me that wasn’t right, and if I was gonna talk to ghosts in their house and not stop trying to lick Aunt Mavah, I could just stay home next Thanksgiving, well, this is Paulie, hoping all your LSD flashbacks are good ones, shalom…


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