Free Taco Night Down At Joe’s

May 21, 2020 Diary entry: “Bob, you’re a dirty corn-cob-bobbin’ s.o.b. who can’t find the crib!”, “Yeah Paulie, you’re worm diarrhea that found a new place to live, on your shoulders between your ears!”, oh hi, I didn’t see you there, we were just sittin’ here jawin’ with each other at the bar, we’re here at Joe’s Uptown Bar and Grill tonight, it’s Free Taco Night and we were just having after-dinner drinks and jalapeno-spiked saucy talk, that’s just the way we talk to each other out here in the Midwest, we don’t get offended by insults because we know that we are all serious losers, that’s why we never take life seriously, we treat it all as a joke, sometimes a very bad joke, but a joke never-the-less, anyway, “Hey Paulie, some guy called about your plugged flush valve, it was either your plumber or your doctor, I forget!”, “Screw you Bob, your wife just called to ask why you’re not dead!”, Joe’s bringing another tray of tacos, I don’t know how he makes these things but they are actually pretty good after the after-dinner drinks, I don’t think Joe uses real cheese though, it’s way too chewy, it’s like trying to chew apart bubblegum, the more you chew, the rubberier it gets, I think the taco shells are real though, real hard-baked desert salamander shit with just the right amount of salt, anyway, Joe’s not such a bad guy, he let’s us use his place to gather and plan out our plan for the future, don’t worry, we’re not planning too far ahead, we just want to make it to the next stream crossing before another flash flood occurs, the talk down here tonight has mainly been about the coming paradigm shift and what a shame it will be that most of the human population won’t see it because they don’t live on this flat stationary earth, they are screwing through a vast darkness of utter nothingness on the back of a pagan solar system model of lies, it’s a shame they won’t be here for the great inversion, anyhoo, some one just shouted for a wiener dog dance contest, I see people leaving their bar stools as the Juke Box blares out “Barkin’ At The Moon During The Noon Whistle” by Kay and the Nines, well, we’re gonna let this thing go for the night, everybody here at Joe’s wants me to say good night, good love, and shalom…


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