A Hot Night In The City

May 21,2020 Diary entry: My date and I approached the entrance of one of our usual dining establishments, the maitre’ d advised that Paulie wasn’t properly attired for dinner, so we left Pedro’s Taco Stand and we went to Lisa’s Late Lunch Diner and ate in the parking lot, Paulie’s date was an exceptional beauty, she looked like she had just stepped out of a 1940’s era nightclub into the dark sweaty summer night onto the rain-slickened city street that was on fire from flashing neon and headlights, she was tall, pretty, dark haired, and her dress flashed some kind of a mysterious warning, she looked like the woman that the ancient sailors referred to as The Pearl of the Orient, her gaze cut the night like a stiletto, she lifted a fresh cigarette to her lips and Paulie lit it for her, she exhaled a cloud of smoke that enveloped and blinded Paulie as if he had entered into another dimension, or gone through a portal to a new world on the other side; all of Paulie’s thoughts evaporated into a wide thundering cloud that floated through the air and covered the great city down below, Paulie had never felt this way before, had Paulie stumbled upon Coronado’s lost seven cities of gold, had he found the real lost city of Machu Picchu, had he found the golden key that unlocks the unknown world where all life originates; the moon smiled on us as we walked along down the slithering asphalt street that twisted and turned like an angry cobra, were we riding on the back of some wild beast that may one day turn and devour us, could this possibly be just one more of Diana’s Mirrors that beckons a man to his painful death, the promise of love snatched away because we all are such fools, I don’t know, I will leave questions such as that to men with greater minds than mine, I just wanted to live in this one moment for however long this one moment would last, I would worry later after it was all over, for now though, I was captain of the entire Star Fleet and I was gonna tear up space, I was gonna rip a hole in it’s guts until it lost all it’s vacuum and wouldn’t even suck up the crumbs from your stupid corn chips, yeah, this is my world, no matter how long or how short, this is my world and I will live in it like a hungry tiger lives in his world, always on the prowl, fearing nothing, and catching the most spectacular prey of the jungle that wears a pulsating silk dress and dances on the back of the serpent, this is Paulie, peace…


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