Buddy, The Old Carnival Lady, And Paulie’s Last Days

May 18, 2020 Diary entry: I was in the cigar store the other day and I ran into a kid from back in the neighborhood, I remembered him as Bundy, Buddy Bundy, we grew up on the Boulevard back in the Fifties, he almost drowned in the crick when he went through the ice one late fall afternoon when we were on the run from one of the angry neighbors; Buddy had an auntie who wore a wooden leg, an eye patch, and a button that read “Follow me to the carnival”, she used to take us kids to the carnival every weekend, it was held in the old shed behind her house, yeah, she called it her carnival room, you know, as I think back, she was kinda weird, I think I remember running through the night screaming and swimming a half-frozen crick for some reason, well, I’ll recollect that later, we need to move on to new business, as you know, we are closing down production, don’t worry, we’re not sick or contaminated, we are simply dead in the water, our little junk boat on the shimmering sea off the islands is swamped with complaints, innuendo’s, defamation lawsuits, and the occasional death threat, this little endeavor of ours has become a big pain in the you-know-what, and besides, everything here has been fake, we know now that nothing is real here at Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary, but be that as it may be, Paulie is still a teacher, he is not a popular teacher, but he didn’t take on the job to be popular, if Paulie wanted to win a popularity contest, he would have his brain removed and replaced with a mixture of thirty percent cement, thirty percent fine gravel, and forty percent dog urine, and it would be left to cure under 6 mil Visqueen for four days, then my mind would be set to the same level and consistency as the masses, and Paulie’s popularity would go viral, can you still say that word without a mask on, I don’t know, anyway, where was I, oh yeah, isolation, what’s the big deal, I’ve been isolated out here in this secluded house for years, this old cold stone house bespeaks of horrors you can’t imagine, ghosts of past mistakes and misled antics prowl the nights like glowing specters who are hungry to consume any stale crumb of sanity that is left inside the bare cupboard of a man’s mind, whew, I kinda drifted off there, excuse me, let’s move on, I had an announcement to make but I can’t find my notes, I apologize, things are a bit hectic around here; even though no one is still employed here at The Diary, the party in the break room continues on, I’ve got a stack of unauthorized bills on my desk as high as the dance contest winners, well, Paulie is headed up to the party to try to squeeze a few shekels of fun out of these last days in which we live, this is your field guide Paulie, admonishing you to return to the path that will lead you out of this mess, the ancient path you have never known, love and shalom…


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