The Sleek Tiger And His Sleek Automobile

May 18, 2020 Diary entry: Many people have been wanting to know more personal things about Paulie, who is this man they call Paulie, what is he, why is he, well, this will be a short autobiographical piece on yours truly, I still own an automobile that I bought from my aunt, I left the army in 1972 and I was looking for an automobile that could slide me down the road like Houdini could slide out of a locked coffin, well, after leaving the army with a somewhat shaky DD214, on a clear day in January of 1973, I slid behind the wheel of a pristine 1963 Chevrolet Impala, I hit the road and I never looked back, life became Indy and I was gonna lead the pack, I still have that car sitting in my driveway, now I’ll be honest, it isn’t perfectly pristine, it does have some rust spots, the engine needs a tune, and it could use new rubber, but the car is 57 years old, every car that age has it’s quirks that come with old age, anyway, the car isn’t exactly parked in my driveway, it’s parked out back under some shade trees that protect it from the harsh sun that can fade the paint on a grand old classic, please don’t send in offers to purchase my old friend, she’s not for sale, if I sold my old friend, it would be like selling a part of my very soul, if I were to sell her, the price would have to be in the upper 999 dollar range, that’s a figure you can mull around if you want, anyway, I won’t go into the memories I created with my 60’s automobile in the 70’s, I will just say that times were different then my friend, different indeed, Paulie was the sleek owner of an even sleeker automobile, and all the ladies adored Paulie’s sleekness, and they all wanted to ride the tiger, they all wanted to ride the tiger called Paulie because he made the jungle a better place in which to live, he brought a great shining lantern underneath the dark jungle canopy, and he lighted up the world like another sun, this is how people used to describe Paulie back during those times, well , this has been a little insight into the man they call Paulie, and he just had an insightful thought, the thought to cut this off and go root around for something out of the root cellar, this is Paulie, saying shalom world…


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