Tightly Sewn People And Paulie On The Run Again, This Time In Mexico

May 16, 2020 Diary entry: Oh god, Paulie has got to get out of this city, Paulie is a man alone among men, the people around here are too tightly sewn, their rectums are tied so tight that their eyeballs look like the balls in the old pinball machines at that one place in the alley down from school where you used to hang out to just gaze at the freaks, a man who thinks for himself has no place in a cookie-cutter city full of ginger bread men who just fell off the government production line, that are stacked and packed in cardboard containers with a label slapped on them that says “Inspected by a government agent”, “Fully neutered, lobotomized, vaccinated, and stupid”, “These gingerbread men are guarantee’d to never run away like the one in the fairy tale, they are apathetic beyond belief”; I was in line somewhere trying to do something, I don’t remember, anyway, some guy berated me for not wearing a mask, I berated him right back for not hanging from a light fixture with a rope around his neck, and if it was a mask he wanted to wear, the grill of my truck would cover his face nicely, god, you just can’t talk to people anymore, what happened to those old days when a guy lit up a cigarette in the grocery line and offered one to you, and he started talking about his new fishing rod and how pretty his wife is when the morning sun shines through the tent flap, god, the only thing men talk about today is how many boyfriends they have on Facebook, how bad it is that their favorite movie star has to miss starring in another block buster movie because of the Hollywood slowdown, and if they can’t watch sports pretty soon, they are gonna pee their pants and they aren’t kidding, and how the government better do something quick or they are gonna switch parties, oh god, I gotta get outta here, well, I got a musty old tent out in the garage that a skunk pee’d in last summer, I’m gonna see if it’s big enough to live in permanently, it’s definitely time to think about moving, okay then, Paulie is moving to the root cellar to root around for some kind of strong drink that will compliment his fine smoke, Paulie is gonna cause a haze to come over his office, and he is gonna gaze into the smoke and recollect how he once killed three desperado’s for Maria Conchita del Gado, the prettiest princess in all Mezcal Condado, and how she swore she would die loving him even if he had to go on the run and never be able to return to collect his dear Maria Conchita, well, that’s about it from here, I’ll let you all know if I think of anything else, shalom…


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