Paulie’s Education Began In The Genesis Of Time

May 16, 2020 Diary entry: Paulie was stifled as a child, he could not speak out in school, he was not allowed to teach, he had to sit still and listen to lies that were to be his education, my parents paid good money for me to attend public school and they got rooked, one time in elementary school the class had to draw a crayon picture of George Washington holding a hatchet standing beside a stump, every kid in class wrote the same caption at the bottom of their drawing that George Washington never told a lie, I was the only one in my class whose caption read that George Washington was a goddamned liar, the teacher berated me in front of my peers about it, and I responded that my dad told me George Washington was a 33 degree Freemason professional goddamned liar, and I would trust my dad over some bat-faced lady who looked like she was carrying enough sand in her pants to fill my sandbox three times over, my F was earned before we ever finished the first semester, needless to say, the rest of my educational career was a bust, it took quite some time to shake off twelve long years of intense indoctrination into a false reality that I rejected vehemently; after high school I drifted through one loser job after another, I had been taught worthless things that I could never use for anything at all, anyway, my life continued on like a rubber ball that gets away from you and you chase it out onto the highway and after a few closes calls you decide maybe that rubber ball of your life is a bad thing that may be leading you to your destruction, so I stopped chasing what I thought was real and I decided to go back in time to the beginning, to see how things were then, before dirty men dirtied everything up as it is now, I discovered that everything we know today is a lie, a hoax, a scam, or plain bullshit, now the world was mostly crapped up then too, but there was a sliver of truth that was available to study, and truth was like a painful splinter in my hand, I had to find it and dig it out and look at it, well, the rest is history, Paulie wanted to shout to the world what he had found, but people just didn’t care to hear it, they had an artificial little fantasy world that suited them just fine, and truth was a scary boogey man, they would cross the street when they saw him walking their way, well, you stay in your world and Paulie will stay out, he has important things to do anyway that don’t include trying to raise up the dead, he will leave your carcasses lie in the ditch and he will walk on down the road, this is Paulie, looking for other walkers who have experiences to share, shalom…


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