A Little Parasite Problem

May 14, 2020 Diary entry: As we continue to close down this little endeavor of ours that fizzled out recently, some of our employees thought it would be nice to put together a little memory booklet to remember the days we spent working side by side, I just read a bit of it, I didn’t know they were so unhappy, well, it’s too late to mend fences now I guess, when the goats get out and head to town, fence mending seems a moot point; one of my employees just left the office, he came in to pick up his recommendation form letter for a new job, he said that since he was moving on, he would get a job driving, I remember a man who lived back in the neighborhood who lived with his elderly mother, he was a salesman who was on the road constantly with his mother, I don’t know what he sold, but he was really successful, he said one of his secrets to success was to never be without a briefcase and always take along an old bag, hang on, I gotta get rid of this guy who just came in, “Get out!”, “Quit jazzin’ your shit!”, “You can’t even make a decent fart sound!”, “Unless you can make your fart heard over the sound of the wind, shut up, we don’t need soft-seated couch-denting people who eat their boogers because some one took the last cookie, we need men, real men!”, “Get out and take your form recommendation letter with you!”, sorry about that, that guy has been a pain in the neck ever since he became my brother-in-law, anyway, as I sit here at my desk trying to get loose ends tied up, the sound of a television show is coming through from the outer office, from what I have made out so far, there is a little girl who stole a rabbit out of her uncle’s laboratory that was being used for experiments, the little girl wanted it as a friend, anyway, her parents picked her up and they were going to drive to the beach or something, and as it turns out, this particular laboratory rabbit was being used to study Parasitosis or some such thing, the laboratory was growing a multitude of various parasites in this rabbit, and the little girl was in the back seat trying to come up with a name for her friend, anyway, her mother said to not let the rabbit make a mess in the back seat of the car, well, you know how rabbits just crap and crap, and this rabbit started crapping out all kinds of different squiggely creatures on the Naugahyde, I think the mother named the rabbit “Oh holy shit, throw that damn animal out the window!”, I was only half paying attention to the show because I was checking Web MD for a little problem I’ve been having, well, a couple people just came down from the pod room for our usual end-of-day smoke and martini, so I’ll cut this short and say shalom my people, wherever you are, shalom…


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