Social Upheaval, Santa Anna Kicking Serious Gringo Butt, And Stupid Hand-Washers

May 13, 2020 Diary entry: Shalom everybody, it’s Paulie, I’m here drinking a few beers with the pizza delivery guy, he says he’s fed up with the world and all it’s crap, and he’s selling his TV and buying a tent and moving to an isolated place in the country where he can breath free while the dumbasses restrict their breathing with masking devices and six foot social distances, he says six feet is not nearly enough and he is done being social with fools, I told him that his decision seemed wise, and I offered him another beer, I explained that sometimes a man just needs to move on and I related a story from out of my past, it was during the height of social unrest, people were tuning in, turning on, and dropping out, the world was in social upheaval, kinda like what we are beginning to see today, anyway, I had a job that was boo, it was boo as all get out, I had money, clothes, a car, I was on top of the world, unfortunately, the world was changing, and I lost all my friends who were turning on the system and turning on and turning out to protest anything anyone could think of, I felt as if the whole world was driving around in shiny red sports cars and I was still riding my little sister’s pink bicycle with glitter handlebar streamers, I felt left behind like that one movie where Jesus comes and all the cool kids go with him somewhere, and I’m one of the left-behind losers who have to continue on with my stupid life while the fortunate ones are flying around somewhere above the clouds, probably getting drunk and listening to fabulous tales and awesome jokes that Jesus tells when he lets his hair down and tosses back tequila like Santa Anna after he stormed the Alamo and kicked some serious gringo butt, yeah, the days are changing my friend, the times are stepping up and going forward, I think we all must reevaluate our position in this great creation and decide whether we want to continue to cow tow to our herd masters, or do we want to stand up as the men and women we were meant to be, and cut and run from the herd of mindless animals that can only follow their mind-controlled path laid out for them by their programmers, we must live and die as men and women, not cattle, the day of compromise is over, so get up off your lazy butt, remove that stupid mask, stop washing your stupid hands, and get outside and try to find a person who isn’t a mind-controlled zombie, and give them a big hug and say thank you for being a part of the human race, there aren’t many of us left, shalom…


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