Drinkin’ With The Devil

May 13, 2020 Diary entry: Some lady on You Tube says she came back to life and she has a message, I didn’t watch her video so I don’t know what her message is, I hope it’s not important, anyway, Paulie would like to share an experience that happened to him recently, he was standing out on the patio when a large hanging flower pot came loose and landed on his head, knocking him dead unconscious, Paulie remembers dying and being told he must go to hell for some reason, well, I ended up in one part of hell that looked like the office, you know, where the boss probably spent his day, anyway, I knocked on the door and a well-dressed gentleman asked me in and he offered me a cigar and he lit it for me, then he handed me a short brandy, he reminded me of a kindly old man I knew as a kid, except this guy had horns on his head, well, he sat down behind a huge desk that was filled with stacks and stacks of records of some kind, anyway, he told me the reason he had asked me here was to take a message back to the people of the earth, that’s all he wanted, he gave me another short brandy and he bid me adieu, so here I am, all back to life and I gotta deliver this message from the devil, let’s see, I wrote it down here somewhere, oh yeah, here it is, the devil wanted me to tell the inhabitant’s of the earth “Fuck you”, well, I guess that’s it, my job is done, I’m gonna go outside and sit in the fresh air a spell, I think that devil’s brandy put a hex on my usual sober self, well, this is Paulie, shalom… Oh, one thing, the devil told me the most hilarious jokes I’ve ever heard, really funny stuff, I think he was a little drunk and he wanted me to hear his best jokes, I better not repeat them here because some of them may be a little too much for you who have delicate sensibilities, I’ll see if I can edit a few of them down and substitute some words, I’ll get back to you, well, shalom again…


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