It’s Definitely The Season

May 8, 2020 Diary entry: Is it just me, or is there something going on here that isn’t exactly clear, does anyone else have the feeling we’re being screwed with, you know, like when your older brother said the cops caught the guy they suspected of strangling little boys around town and the news said he just escaped custody in a daytime jail break and he had vowed to return to the neighborhood and eliminate any witnesses, primarily one little kid who wets the bed after the scary midnight movies his brother forced him to watch when the parents were at their regular Friday night parcheesi game with the Finches; yeah, I got that same feeling today these many years later, I feel like I was forced to watch some scary movie by a big kid, and now I have this feeling I gotta pee, deja vu maybe, or maybe not; I’m going to say this once, and only once, “Holy cow”, anyway, Aunt Marcheezah came by for a visit, I always liked Aunt Marcheezah because she has a face that looks like a 1950’s rubber bum Halloween mask that was damaged in production and Woolworth’s tossed it in their discount bin and it only cost ten cents which is exactly how much money you had in your pocket, and this Halloween was gonna be the greatest one since the original Halloween back in 1955, when you had collected so much candy that your paper grocery bag got a hole in the bottom and you left a trail of sour grapes all the way home and your brother said that is how the escaped murderer tracked you and now knows where you live, but your brother said he would protect your soul at all cost, he said that after the maniac strangled me, he would step up and make sure the guy didn’t eat my soul like a dog eats a table scrap, I don’t know what I would have ever done without Big Brother to watch over me and offer his much needed protection during uncertain times, anyway, the world seems so similar to those old Fall days when the moon wore a scowl, the breeze whispered soft threats of doom, and the nights had a creepy chill to them, and there was a murderer out there somewhere who knew where I lived, well, this is Paulie, eating his brandied peaches, not brandied peaches exactly, I’m drinking brandy and eating a can of peaches, anyway, as Paulie masks his fear and thinks about changing his address, he hopes you enjoy the season the best you can, shalom…


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