A New Feature During Paulie’s Absence

May 8, 2020 Diary entry: As Paulie takes an extended and much-needed sabbatical in an undisclosed location in the country, he leaves the Diary in the capable hands of his most trusted staff who will have the full authority to write under the banner of Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary; as Paulie flees from the harsh and dangerous city, a new feature will be presented for those who think the Diary has been too soft and not hard-hitting enough, our Mooslim and Hindustani writers will be presenting Paulie’s Diary After Dark for those of you who are disappointed by our regular writers who have been holding back so as not to spook our more fragile readers; Paulie’s Diary After Dark will be for the reader who has cold steel in his gut, fire in his belly, and a take-no-prisoners attitude; our crack writers will be discussing such subjects as the elite who rule over us and their habits and fetishes, including such activities as dogphelia and why they are enamored with eating the gross parts of their sacrifices before the regular meat, our Mooslim and Hindustani staff have no qualms about joking hard about local and national leaders of this great island in the sea, America, they know America means Land of the Flying Serpents, and they will not be charming towards the reptilian blood lines at all, they are the brave soldiers on the front lines of truth, and they all have joke shovels to swing in the weeds and brush piles where the snakes hide, they will joke the serpents out in the open where the world populace can see them and laugh, so as Paulie sits on a stump by the river and ties his most special worm in the can onto the hook (Paulie is humane even to worms), he shouts real loud to the people of the city, “Wake up you dumbasses!”, and “Take off those stupid masks”, “They make you look silly”, shalom…


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