Who Was That Masked Man?

Apr 26, 2020 Diary entry: I was watching an old TV Western last night where all the cowboys were wearing masks over their faces, they all wore those bandanna things, as the show progressed I learned they all were using masks because of some mysterious virus, yeah, all the cattle had come down with an unknown disease that made them flatulent and they were stinking up the range something fierce, it was a matter of survival, masks and bandannas were sold out down at the mercantile, they put in an emergency order to the nearby town of Irishman’s Bluff, but when the stage came in, they said there had been a run and the stuff was on back order, they wouldn’t get a new shipment in until May the 5th, well, by this time the whole thing stunk to high heaven, they had been self quarantined for three months and they were all getting antsy to get back out there and rustle grub and get drunk in the saloons with their friends like they used to do, as the flatulent cattle numbers increased, so did anxiety over whether this whole thing would ever end, this television show reminded me of today because this present psy op stinks to high heaven too…


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