Dog Etiquette, Alex Trebek, And A Rectum Joke

May 1, 2020 Diary entry: Question, if a dog walker walks a dog past my house and the dog craps in my yard, and the dog walker stoops down and picks the crap up and puts it in his pocket, am I obliged to tip him, I just want to be correct, and I have no idea, if there are any etiquette people out there, please respond with an answer, now that I think about it, I’m not sure readers of my diary are very much etiquette-conscious or they wouldn’t be here, speaking of etiquette, did you hear the one about the polite pig who drove a taxi in the South Bronx during the annual, hang on, does anyone else think Alex Trebek is lower than a diarrhea-infected nit’s rectum that is hanging off the little animal’s butt that lives in the tin can pile in your back yard and he rattles the cans around in the night and you can’t sleep; this has been the second rectum joke of our new Summer Rectum Joke Blitz which will run through the summer months, or until we run out of rectum jokes and move on to new territory, we hope you enjoyed, we invite you all to come sit at our table, we are serving the finest quality rectum jokes in the Midwest area, come and dine on gourmet-quality cuisine that is served fresh on clean fresh-pressed white linen table cloths, eat your fill of rectum jokes that were harvested just this morning from our well-manicured source by the loving hands of our prized staff whose only purpose in life is to serve you, the customer, that is all we do, well, there is a show coming on TV that I would like to critique for you, I’ll be back with the sordid details of why Andy and Barney never married, well, it’s time to feed the dog and toss Goober out for the night, this is Paulie, saying good night and shalom to all those within the sound of my voice, shalom…


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